Piece of Cake!

The time has come for my last post, how sad! Being the last post, I thought it would be fitting to focus on the future and what is to come for digital marketing. In terms of food of course!

A particular topic that has recently grabbed my attention was the concept of an online bakery. Its almost like buying clothing online, you browse through various product categories until you find the products that you prefer most, add them to your cart and then check out. Its hard to comprehend as we are accustomed to choosing the cake we see in the window or display and physically ordering it. But it seems more and more companies are ensuring they have an online ordering option therefore customers don’t have to do anything but click a button. With the Internet being a major source to make purchases for consumers today, this online option is an extremely clever and advantageous move. Not only are these businesses making themselves more available to consumers, but they are opening up the opportunity to create a larger target market. The Cupcake Bakery is a company that demonstrates just how this technique is being approached. As seen below, they provide a visual of their decadent cakes as well as clear and simple instructions as to how to make a purchase. Piece of cake right?!


Sweet By Nature, a company I have mentioned in a previous blog post, just commenced their online bakery as well proving the scope of their business and promoting their versatility.

This new avenue created for consumers is being talked about on blogs, forums and on social media for example, http://spicedblog.com/5-online-bakeries-we-love.html Thus, these online outlets are being publicized and as result, so too are the companies.

Check out

http://thecupcakebakery.com.au/store/home.php?cat=3   or


and let me know what you think about this idea!

If your like me you might even end up ordering something… I couldn’t resist.

Thanks for the comments throughout the semester guys! I hope I have inspired and informed you about the many ways food is marketed digitally and apologies if I encouraged any weight gain!

Signing out!



2 thoughts on “Piece of Cake!

  1. I should not have read this at dessert time, craving some cake now! This is a great idea for both catering and individual sales. From a consumer perspective it’s great to have another outlet in which I can purchase my treats, may need to have a cap on how many i can order though!

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