It’s All Just a Game

No matter what, you’re never too old to play games. Even if they are mind-numbingly stupid and the solution is blatantly obvious, it’s hard to resist playing.

A number of companies have taken advantage of this humane weakness and incorporated games into their marketing strategy. Businesses such as McDonalds and Dominos have embraced the technological resource available to them to create a straightforward yet amusing option for their consumers. But the reason behind this approach is deeper than just to entertain. Games engage the consumer and allow them to interact with a particular brand on another level than just viewing an advertisement for example. Its purpose isn’t to promote in the eyes of the consumer, but to provide them with a source of entertainment.


Instead of posting a deal, sale or advertisement through social media channels such as Facebook, posting and publicizing the brand by using a game is more intriguing and lets admit, more tempting to click on! Whilst scrolling aimlessly through my Facebook newsfeed, this is how I found out about the McCafe ‘Create your own Cappuccino Art’. As pictured above, you are given the chance to design your own personal cappuccino. As pointless as the game sounds, McDonalds is providing an alternative approach to market their products to consumers such as myself. With the presence of ads and pop-ups increasing on the social media avenues we utilize daily, we are slowly becoming numb and purposely ignorant towards them. Thus, this method has a better chance of grabbing the attention of consumers and hence why they have been adopted by a number of companies.

Dominos Pizza has also utilized this approach to market themselves but rather, as an employer, providing an interactive game on their careers page through their website as seen below. I gave the game a whirl and to be honest, I found it entertaining and simultaneously thought it was sending a decent message about the company as an employer. Thus a win-win for the consumer and the company!

Check out the game by clicking on this link:


Have you heard or played any other interactive games created by organisations? Do you think it’s advantageous for these companies?


4 thoughts on “It’s All Just a Game

  1. I think it is an advantage for companies as more people are likely to play a fun game then watch a video online about their brand. It gets people engaging with the brand and that is the aim for marketers

  2. I think games are a great way to build up brand presence in the minds of consumers! Games such as McDonalds cappuccino art add an element of personalisation ultimately strengthening consumer-brand relationships thanks to the interactive and entertaining games!

    • I agree companies have adopted this strategy to engage with the customer which does help to form a relationship! it also gives off a positive vibe about the brand, thanks biancapell 🙂

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