The Yoghurt Craze


(Sourced from Chobani’s Facebook page)

It seems that with the birth of Instagram, so too came the fascination and craze to promote ones fitness and healthy habits. I’ve also recognized the increase in blogs focused purely on this topic, and I can see why. Social media users worship this stuff! I’m definitely guilty of it myself, viewing others transformations, healthy recipes and fitness tricks and tips is inspiring, motivating and fascinating all at the same time.

With so many following, liking and sharing anything and everything to do with health and fitness, its no wonder brands like Chobani leaped at the opportunity to be apart of this and as a result, the brand has found themselves right at the centre of this recent craze. Their cover photo on their Facebook page is seen above.

Chobani is a brand of Greek yoghurt that comes in a variety of flavours and tubs. Overall, the brand promotes itself as a natural, authentic yoghurt that can be used in almost any dish as well as a healthy alternative for heavier, not-so-healthy ingredients. The CEO speaking in the video below sums up this image quite well.


The brand has pretty much placed themselves in the hands of their target market. Posting every single way Chobani can be used (both in savory and sweet dishes) through easy to follow recipes as well as simply showing how to use it as a healthy alternative to other ingredients all in that typical Instagram aesthetic, has made Chobani the “in” ingredient. Now, follows and health fanatics are sharing how they use Chobani as a healthy alternative or how successfully they replicated one of Chobani’s recipes to the rest of the social media world. Some have even labeled (or should I say hashtagged) themselves as #chobaniacs having their #chobanitime. And all over yoghurt!

At the end of the day, people are going to support those that support what they values, and that’s what Chobani does for so many.

Who knew that such a craze could start over a tub of bacterial fermentation?! Maybe that’s why the bacteria used to make yogurt are known as “Yoghurt Cultures”!

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8 thoughts on “The Yoghurt Craze

  1. I love Chobani!! Social media has definitely impacted on why I eat it as well, from their great recipes to nice summer photos to funky fruit yoghurt mixes it’s no wonder that Chobani has become a household name for people who want to eat ‘healthy’ yoghurts rather than ones that are full of fat/sugar or whatever else is in them! Interesting post!!

    • Thanks Bronte! It definitely has for me too, I feel guilty almost seeing posts of people eating healthy and working out constantly that I’ve gone out my way to do the same! Its how I got on to chobani and I’ve even got my family hooked now!

  2. Haha, I have some in my fridge as I’m typing this 🙂 though I hadn’t heard about the recipes, but I will have to go and check them out! I think the health trend has moved to the focus on the amount of added sugar that we are consuming – and this yoghurt is one of those traditional strained yoghurts without all of that unnecessary added sugar. The whole health craze on social media gives products like this a huge opportunity to gain a bigger following 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more, I think Chobani’s been very smart in that sense and thats why they have become so successful, they realised the gap in the market for that really healthy product that is a great alternative to your non-healthy ones!

  3. Chobani sounds like it has a great competitive advantage through its clear and honest messages surrounding health and real ingredients! I have to admit, i have instagrammed a tub of yogurt before – they are just so yum and with fresh fruit they look so great!! Great post adele!! 🙂

    • I know me too! And even though there’s so many different yoghurts out there in different flavours, the way Chobani have marketed themselves has made them stand out from all of its competitors!

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