Who is Mr. Pickle?

Okay, so my partner (Bianca) and I may not have exactly worked out Mr. Pickles identity, but we did make an attempt to portray him in our video below. 

For our instructional video, Bianca and I focused on the organisation we are all very familiar with, McDonalds. But more specifically, the initiative introduced by The Kelly Co. group called, The Pickle Club. Through the eyes of a pickle (quite literally!), we explain how The Pickle Club creates value through social media for its target audience (mainly being Monash students) as well as for the business. 

As Monash Caulfield students, it didn’t take very long for Bianca and I to hear about this initiative as fundamentally, it’s aimed at benefiting us students. In fact as soon as we did, we was downloading the app and liking their Facebook page immediately. Who could resist a free Mcflurry with a cheeseburger meal or a $1 large thick shake? It was the first thing that popped into our heads when brainstorming what organisations create value through social media as its clear that The Pickle Club does exactly that. 

Check out our instructional video below and share your thoughts! Has The Pickle Club created accessible value for you?


6 thoughts on “Who is Mr. Pickle?

  1. Mr Pickle is a pretty smart cookie isn’t he. Great example of using social media for targeted customer value. Thank you so much for sharing this, I had no idea! $2 offers?! Sign me up 🙂

  2. I love pickle club, Malvern East McDonald is just less than 5 min away from my apartment and i used Pickle Club deal quite OFTEN. It is definitely an awesome deal especially for student like us (or rather me ^_^). I had a good laugh at your video and definitely it is entertain as well as engaging as how Pickle Club came about. Their social media was simple and engaging and it works. Awesome vid! 😉

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