Google Does it Again!

When will Google stop being so darn innovative? The answer is… NEVER!

It seems that they are a bottomless pit of great ideas that when implemented, we think, how did we live without this before?!

I’ve just recently discovered their new Google Maps app for the iPhone, which I downloaded from the app store. Being my typical self, I was on my way to a particular destination but got lost so I searched directions on Google Maps. Before showing me my route, Google advertised their new app and gave me the option to download it or to ignore it (As seen below).


Being in the frazzled state I was in, I chose to ignore it for the time being. However, I did take a mental note to download it at another time. And boy am I glad I did!

No longer do you have to search through the Internet to find a decent café, restaurant or pub close to home because now, the new Google Maps app does it for you! All you have to do is allow Google Maps to use your current location and then its as easy as clicking the search bar to choose whether you prefer to go to a café, restaurant or pub. Google then does the rest.  As seen below, I simply clicked on café’s and automatically the closest café’s are listed with all the vital information needed. Such as the name, rating, distance from current location, a number of reviews, opening times and a sneak peak of the place through a picture provided.

Image ImageImage

Click on the cup for cafe’s            Scroll through the details of each Cafe          Check the distance

Not only is Google saving us time and effort searching, asking and reading up on different café’s restaurants and pubs, but it’s providing free marketing for small businesses in the local area. For example, I had no idea so many café’s were in my vicinity, Caffe De Barge, Rena’s Café, Sphere Café, the list goes on!

All these businesses have to do is ensure their online information is up-to-date so that Google can advertise and list it all on their new app.

Seeing the large variety of café’s I can choose from that I was unaware of before, has definitely motivated me to venture out of the few places I know and try the places suggested. According to Google, they’re not much more than a 5 minute drive away!

Has anyone else discovered this application and is loving it as much as me?!
Has it encouraged you to visit any restaurants, café’s or pubs you wouldn’t have before or didn’t already know about?


10 thoughts on “Google Does it Again!

  1. Yes, I love what Google is doing with mobile devices. This is a classic example of marketing activities that adds immense value for the users. Still, I am always amazed at the number of businesses that haven’t correctly set themselves up on Google maps. A missed opportunity!

    • I agree! you’d be silly to lag behind as a company with all these great opportunities available. Scrolling through some of the different cafe’s some didn’t have a photo or a rating. If they wanted to be competitive, they should keep up with technology!

  2. Great value add-on tool by google maps, an idea could be to use a site such as urbanspoon or yelp (for americans), as these are trusted review sites; instead of using their own review system.

  3. This is ensures great value for consumers whilst also promotes a free platform for local businesses to get their cafe names out there for all to see…Google essentially has given out freebies in digital marketing!

  4. Google are just to great! It’s a win win for both business and consumers especially small businesses and great people people who are not from the area. I used a similar app when in traveling and it made it so easy to find good places to eat 🙂

    • I think its definitely something that needs to be shared due to the convenience and sheer genius of it! isn’t it great that it benefits us and the small businesses in the local area!

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