Food Blogging Success

It has become quite a trend now, woman, particularly mothers blogging their recipes, ideas and lives on the web or what is known as, ‘Food Blogging’. It may sound like a generalization, however in actual fact these blogs are popping up all over the place and to be honest, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

When I get into the cooking or baking mood (which is pretty much all the time), and trying to seek out a good recipe, I used to always use the lazy option and google ‘Banana Bread’, or ‘lasagna’ and click on the first or second link that came up, those usually being or However, recently I’ve discovered the value of using blogs created by woman who are kind enough to share their recipes and tips to the rest of the world. Not only are you introduced to a new way of approaching a recipe, but you are provided with personal insights and useful tips that the blogger has come across in their own experience that generic recipe sites do not provide. Simultaneously, improving the end result of your cooking efforts. Their interpretation of recipes and personal, quirky anecdotes to accompany them adds a new level of interaction especially with the general public given the opportunity to comment and ask questions about each post.

To me, it’s a win-win situation for the blogger and the reader. From the bloggers point of view, providing such insights and sharing aspects of their lives that revolve around these recipes, freely publicizes them as a person as well as their ideas and skills. They are given the opportunity to market themselves both socially and professionally. Look at The Baker Chick for example (my personal favourite blog), she was becoming the ‘go-to girl’ amongst her friends and family for cooking ideas so she decided to create a blog to easily share her tips and recipes and has made even more friends by doing so!

ImageImage (images sourced from)

On the other end of the spectrum there’s the Hungry Australian and The Organic Kitchen whose blogs have allowed them to flourish professionally, being offered jobs, professional writing opportunities and interest in cooking classes.

Image (image sourced from)

Personally, I believe both the blogger and the reader gain a lot out of this new phenomenon of blogging, especially when it’s to do with food. Then again, anything to do with food is a win.

Do you follow, know or refer to any particular food blogs? Do you feel they are marketing themselves well by utilizing this social avenue?


6 thoughts on “Food Blogging Success

  1. My friend, Diana, is a (famous) food blogger! ( She’s actually a recent graduate but I think she is a mini celebrity because she has the #2 ranked blog in Vancouver, BC. Since she provides great content, sometimes restaurants approach her to get a review (often offering her gourmet meals to try out – which I envy)! However, it took her a long way to get to that point so I’m really proud of her accomplishments!

    She is really good at creating a brand for herself and actively engages with her community online. Tweets are autopopulated on her feed which makes me always want to check out her latest posts!

    TIP: Do not read food blogs during late nights (you will create unnecessary feelings of intense hunger… and then sleep unhappily!!)

    • Its great to hear a success story so close to home as it just shows that anyone could do it!
      She has put a lot into the blog I can see, its very impressive and making me drool a little I have to admit! All her test tasting and experimenting seems to have paid off, what an inspiration!
      haha I’m guilty of doing that as well, not a good habit at all!

  2. is my go to just because its the first thing that pops up when im looking for something quick and easy,.. but now i’m keen to change and look to bloggers instead! I think its a great way to have fun cooking by following the advice of people passionate enough to create a blog about it!

    • It always was for me too! I was getting so lazy I would go through every website like that just to see what the easiest recipe was. I learnt my lesson when one didn’t turn out well at all and I took a stand and turned to blogs. I haven’t looked back!

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