To be Frank…


(selfie of Frank- sourced from frank_bod Instagram)

Has anyone recently seen the sudden publication of getting down and dirty with this so called Frank? And the proclamation that he is a good substitute for a morning coffee? As a regular Instagram user, I quickly became aware of this, and sequentially became shocked and finally very curious. Those who I perceived as innocent and discreet were broadcasting their promiscuity to the virtual world, or so I thought.

I decided to look into it further and investigate into who this ‘Frank’ character was. In other words, have a good old stalk. To my surprise (and relief), I discovered this new craze was all over a body scrub, Frank Coffee Scrub in fact. Immediately, 2 things were clarified:

  1. Frank was not a sleazy womanizer and
  2. Coffee is the main ingredient in this new infatuation.

The combination of ingredients we are used to consuming rather than rubbing into our skin such as roasted and ground Arabica coffee beans, brown sugar, sea salt and almond oil is said to have some sort of miracle effect on your skin. It targets cellulite, stretch marks, smooth’s lumps and moisturizes to improve your overall skin tone and completion.

Regardless of whether Frank keeps his promise in doing this, boy has the social networking world gotten on the bandwagon of this upcoming product! Covering yourself in the dirt like product and taking a selfie in the process seems to be all the rage predominantly on the social network of Instagram (as seen below).


(sourced from frank_bod Instagram)

This trend has clearly promoted other curious onlookers to try the product. Browsing through Frank’s Instagram, it was also clear that his regular posts were another driver of this curiosity. Images of flawless bodies wearing next to nothing looking effortlessly beautiful flooded the page indicating one thing; this is the result of Frank.


(Sourced from frank_bod Instagram)

I’ve definitely got to hand it to him though, Frank is now in the bathrooms and on the bodies of many people who are happily and freely promoting him through social media and hence, marketing the product without even realising.

He may be a virtual hussy but frankly, this guy is one smart marketer!

Have you tried Frank? If so, what are your thoughts? Even better, have you taken a selfie with Frank?

Check out his website at:

Check out his instagram at:


4 thoughts on “To be Frank…

  1. I love that you’ve blogged about this. I have not used Frank and definitely not taken a selfie with Frank. But just today I decided I needed to enter the world of Instagram and commissioned my sister to tutor me. Frank was the first thing she told me about and how MASSIVE it is. she’s following the page out of pure curiosity and an appreciation for his cleverly chosen tag lines and I think GENIUS marketing!!

    • Thank you! oh really? well it just goes to show you how prominent the brand is on social media doesn’t it! I couldn’t agree more, very clever marketing and its paid off

  2. What a way to attract a crowd of free advertisements! It’s definitely taken off but what do you think prompted the first person to take a selfie with frank all over them?

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